Thursday, December 20, 2007

My mother's nose

 At a party I went to last night, I noticed that out of some 40 people, I don't think there wasn't a single woman there who hadn't had some kind of cosmetic surgical "work" done:  nose, eyes, lips,  skin, "womanly" areas ... nothing seems sacred.

It seems like EVERYTHING is ground for improvement -whether it actually needs fixing or not.  Until you resemble some fresh out of the plastic surgeon's box idea of what a woman should be,  you don't stop handing him the cash and having more "work" done.   

Seeing these women, and thinking about their "work" - well, it got me to thinking about my mother and her nose.

My mom, God bless her soul, died when I was ten (at which case I had to go live with my Dad, should you ask).  Now my mom came from Oklahoma originally, a family of show people who used to travel round the dust bowl putting on entertainments.  And you know, she was quite a looker.

But, for sure:  she had a nose.  She was Italian by descent, and she had a delightful, beautiful, uncompromising nose.  Roman, they call it politely.

When she first came to L.A., back in the 1950's, her agent told her to "get it fixed".  She told him to go fix himself.  She never became a movie star.  He became one of the most successful talent agents in Hollywood ever.  Fixers like him have grown in strength ever since.  Women like her continue to disappear.  I ask you now: which would you prefer to have in the world? Just a thought, just a wonder...

Are roman noses obsolete?

I never see them now.  Jeez, don't think I'm a sicko, fixed on my mom, but you know: she was a fine strong looking woman.  And now all I see are women with little button noses, ski jumps so narrow, you'd need to be a flea snowboarder to leap off them...

I hope I'm wrong about this.  That LA is just an extreme that doesn't represent the general reality, and if so let's me know.

But here, at the edge of the Pacific, it seems the genetic strain that typified women who cared more about their integrity than their perceived success, women who knew how they lived was more important than how they looked, women who would have the courage to hang out with a geek like me...

I hate to say it, but....
Those women are ob-suh-leet

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Mariella said...

im curious, does your blog have anything to do with the movie? my friend is working on it, im literally obsessed with the beauty behind it, utterly. i cannot wait to show my friends, we are intellects, it excites us to think, hahaha. anyway, I HAVE A ROMAN NOSE. much like ur mother's and my mothers, but i am LATINA. you need to meet more latina's, more and more of us are rocking the noses, and we rock them beautifully. :)