Monday, October 5, 2009

One More Thing...

Sometime ago, I said I would never write another blog here, and redirected you, my dear reader to my Myspace page.

(I can't believe I even have a Myspace page, that I even know what that is. The shame of trying to be modern...)

Anyway, slowly over time I have come to feel that there is a greater dignity in the format of the old-fashioned blog. And so I return.

Part of the reason for my posting here today is that I have just had the opportunity to watch a movie based on me and my endeavors.

The motion picture is called Obselidia, and some of you may recall my mentioning something of it a couple of years ago. When Ms. Bell, the writer/director of the movie, first approached me, I rather thought it was a joke. Or at least a passing fancy, that would whither on the vine before turning into wine. And yet last night, she showed what she has made.

It is as yet unfinished, but already, to my surprise, just like a real film.

I must confess though, that it is a very strange sensation to see oneself depicted in this manner. Am I so awkward? Am I so strange? Am I so good-looking? Well, I can easily answer the last question, and the answer is no. In fine Hollywood tradition (despite the film being independent), the lead actor, Mr Michael Piccirilli, bears little resemblance to me indeed. He did borrow some of my clothes and my mannerisms, true. Yet, in real life, I confess that I am a little more plain to behold, and I think a little more honest.

And the story itself bears little resemblance to my real life. I confess that I have met a few cinema projectionists along the way, but none called Sophie, and certainly none with whom I have traveled to the desert. Indeed, it is true that I have never been to the desert region known as Death Valley at all.

And yet, I believe there is a charm to the story, and to the liberties taken with my life. For though the plot is a fantasy, perhaps the intention mirrors mine. And what is that intention?

To allow people to see once and for all what we are losing in our mindless quest for progress, and in seeing this, to stop, to know what is worth saving - and to save it. For all generations to come.

And a film with that intention gets my seal approval, even if the character based on my does wear a pair of eye-glasses that I wouldn't consider in a thousand years. I'd rather walk blind.

PS. should you wish to take a look, there is a website for the movie here. Please send me your thoughts on it.